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This Software has been developed by the DesInventar Project team. The DesInventar Server software is open-source and is free of charge for commercial and non-commercial use. It is distributed under an "Apache-2-like" license, which is even less restrictive than GNU and FreeBSD licenses.

Please use this software responsibly. It has been developed and is distributed freely based on the assumption that it may contribute to making this planet a better place.

The databases posted in this site are also contributions of their own organizations; we are grateful to those governments and institutions for allowing the public sharing of this information. Special thanks to UNDP and the Regional Center in Bangkok, and to the Governments of Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Maldives, Jordan, Guyana, Yemen, Morocco, the states of Orissa, Tamil Nadu and NSET in Nepal, and many other stakeholders.

All documentations including installation guide are available on the documentation page

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Secretary of Pacific Community (23 counries)

Consolidated Disaster Loss Database

Datasets for the G∀R 2015


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