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How to contact the DesInventar team

If you have any comments about DesInventar we would love to hear from you.
Depending on where you are and why you want to contact us you can use the following addresses:


For any issues, comments, bug reports regarding the Open Source Software and Documentation, please contact:

DesInventar Open Source Development Team
Attn. Julio Serje

Or you can write to us at:
Open Source Development Team
UNISDR - Risk Knowledge Section
Palais des Nations, Villa Fenêtre
Geneva, Switzerland

Interested in implementing DesInventar in your country?

  • Asia/Pacific
    UNISDR Asia Pacific Regional Office
    Atn. Sujit Mohanty
    email: mohanty@un.org
  • In Africa
    UNISDR Africa Regional Office
    Atn. Animesh Kumar
    email: animesh.kumar@unisdr.unon.org
  • In the Middle East and Arab States
    UNISDR Cairo Regional Office
    Atn. Luna Abu-Swaireh (Ms.)
    email: abu-swairehatun.org
  • Americas
    UNISDR Americas Regional Office
    Atn. Raúl Salazar
    email: crsalazar@eird.org
  • Europe and Central Asia
    UNISDR Europe Regional Office
    Atn. Luca Rossi
    email: rossil@un.org
  • The Caribbean
    UNISDR Risk Knowledge Section
    Atn. Julio Serje
    email: serje@un.org


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